Zurich Original Magenta MG-1

Zurich Original Magenta MG-1
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Product no.: ZU-O-MG-1
Manufacturer: Zurich Sunglasses
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Zurich Original Magenta - Dark density

It is worrying that due to the increasing damage to the ozone layer and the resulting increase in UV radiation, more and more cases of eye diseases (mostly cataracts) are being registered.
It is also alarming that some sunglasses even promote eye damage due to sun exposure because the pupils of the eyes open wider behind a dark lens, allowing more UV-A rays to enter the eyes.

Dark density lenses are for extremely sensitive eyes, and are useful in blinding glare, and sun. The darkness of the lens is comforting in very bright light conditions, and is especially helpful in sunny geographical locations around the world. Dark lenses can be helpful for heavy duty use, in continual bright, or blinding sunlight conditions for work, sports, or play outdoors.

Caution! These sunglasses are for “Special Purpose” use only. Sunglasses should never be worn at night, or in unclear visability. Dark sunglass lenses can be a hazard to you, or to others. Use common sense, and always consider safety first.

ZURICH sunglasses block UV-A (98%), UV-B (100%) and IR (65%) rays and protect your eyes. Thanks to the strong tint (93%), you can fly close to the sun without being blinded.
ZURICH sunglasses are made of a high-quality polycarbonate of high optical quality. They are clearly different from the cheaper polarised glasses which only work on reflected rays (such as water reflections).
Optimum contrast is achieved in the sunglasses without changing the colour values (no yellowish tint).
ZURICH glasses offer a distortion-free field of vision over 180°. They are comfortable to wear and do not cause allergies (such as those caused by nickel). ZURICH glasses fit over most optical glasses.

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